Big Hommie Steeze tells us about his project...
'From The Horse's Mouth' (EP)

Okay, I go by the name Big Hommie Steeze from Khayelitsha, Cape Town, Makhaza 39 section to be exact (Wes!! Wes!!). Basically, I am a rapper and I started rapping back in 2011 when I was doing grade 10 and I am still doing it in varsity.

‘From The Horse's Mouth’ is the title of my latest EP, which consist of 5 songs produced by various producers. This EP is a reflection of the phase I went through in 2018, which led to a lot of people talking, asking questions while others were busy creating stories about me. So, in this EP it is me answering all those questions that people had about me. I am sharing my side of the story and that is why I named it ‘From The Horse's Mouth’ because it's everything that happened to me and I am sharing my perspective.

01. SWE

The first song is SWE [Style with ease] and is produced by Pro Mirrah, it touches most of the problems i was facing from peer pressure and family expectations. It's a nice introduction.

02. Connect

Connect is the second one and is produced by Stefano Ngantweni, it is an inspiring and motivating song which speaks about my opinion towards social media.

03. Fire Demons

Then I have Fire Demons on the third place and it is produced by Tima Sipoko. Fire Demon talks more about the issues I’ve been facing, it is a very deep and emotional song to me, even though the track is dope but every time I listen to this song it touches my heart.

04. Survive

Survive is the 4th song and is produced by Stefano Ngantweni and it actually talks about my situation with an ex and current girlfriend, my fears and other issues.

05. Afford

Last but not least on the 5th spot is Afford produced by Pro. This is a conclusion of From The Horse's Mouth it is such a nice slow jam to vibe to and it will teach people a thing or two.

From the Horse's Mouth EP helped me to survive and pass that dark phase I was going through because all five of these songs I wrote them exactly during that period and I believe this EP was and still is my therapy and I hope It helps someone else who is going through what I went through and be a lesson to others.


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